Patrick Lew & Madeline Lew

The Official Site of PLB - Patrick Lew Band

Jump, Rattle And Roll. 


Patrick Lew - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Synths, Slide Guitar.

Madeline Lew - Vocals, Bass, Turntables, Samples. 

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"Hello! My name is Patrick Lew Hayashi. I am a 35 year old Asian-American who is born, raised and currently living in San Francisco, California. Thank you for visiting my page and taking the time to listen to my music or watching my videos. I sincerely and definitely appreciate it! I hope that you enjoy the music that I post on here. If there is anything about my work that resonates with you, whether it be the lyrics or the compositions themselves, I am truly grateful and honored that it did. I hope to connect with many musicians and listeners across the world, regardless of musical genre, race, color, creed, sexual orientation or religion. My music is Patrick Lew Band. And right now. You are reading and listening to my story on social-media."